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4 Posterior Chain exercises you can add to your Personal Training routine

Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer


1. Trap Bar Deadlift

We have touched on this exercise before in our "6 Leg based Exercises to use in your Personal Training" Bitesize Blog, but the Open Hex deadlift bar that we use here in our EXOFIT studio in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, is a great way to hit our posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, glutes, upper back), hip hinge and keeping it as safe as possible for our clients. We tend to focus on this area as personal trainers during your personal training here at EXOFIT because we believe that lower back pain can often but not always relate to tight and weak hamstrings and poor glute strength. Get DEADLIFTING!

2. Chin Ups / Pull Ups

Because of where our fitness studio is located, in the heart of Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, we understand as personal trainers here at EXOFIT that a bulk of our clients that enter the private fitness studio are from the "office desk" job type of category. This type of occupation can lead to postural issues if we don't focus on upper back exercises (kyphosis or "rounded shoulders") during our weekly exercises minutes when training as individuals. It is key as a personal trainer to focus on these upper back movements with an aim to correct our shoulder positioning and posture. 

3. Hip Thrusters 

Do you often hip thrust during your personal training sessions? We aim here at EXOFIT to hit a hip hinge variation movement (hip thrusting, deadlift, KB swing) at least once a week. As a personal trainer and fitness team with a demographic age that can range from 30 to 75 years young, we understand that glute strength is key for all ages to improve low bone density and balance that might start occurring as we age. Keep those hips healthy, keep hip thrusting!

4. Single Arm Row Variation

Similar to the same reasons a personal trainer would add chin ups or pull ups to your personal training exercise session for postural health and back and shoulder strengthening, a single arm row will aim to add to same overall outcome and benefits. The difference with a single arm row compared to the chin up is the isolation factor compared to a bi-lateral movement. When we incorporate uni-lateral movements into our personal training sessions, we as personal trainers are looking to improve imbalances of strength in the body. Isolating one side of the back will help improve and progress that weaker side with a uni-lateral movement compared to a bi-lateral movement. 


Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer



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