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Personal Training

In our EXOFIT personal training studio

EXOFIT | Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Why EXOFIT Personal Training?

At EXOFIT, we provide 45 minute total body conditioning and functional training routines that are varied constantly to challenge our clients but also keep them motivated. How we tailor this workout will be based on the relationship we build with our clients. 


EXOFIT | Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Trainer | Personal Training

We ask the questions around their training history, diet history, their training and eating preferences, current physical activity levels, injury history, current work and social life demands and what exactly they're training for. Relationships aren't built over a consultation and neither is their personal training program, over time our team of personal trainers listen to our clients and build a plan around the answers we are given to ensure an enjoyable plan is in place for them to maintain change, create a habit and see results in a fun but focused manner.


EXOFIT | Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Trainer | Personal Training

Beginners are welcome!

We welcome all fitness levels and experiences to our EXOFIT personal training studio
Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | EXOFIT

Starter Personal Training Package

5 Personal Training Sessions


Why not try out our starter package to get a feel for the EXOFIT team and personal training studio and how we operate 

EXOFIT studio

What our clients are saying 

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 EXOFIT personal training studio

“He has great passion for and knowledge of all aspects of health and fitness. More importantly he has great positive energy and a friendly disposition which means he will be a success in whatever he does.”
Eoin Greene, Director of Engineering, CarTrawler

“His personable approach is very tailored and focused on your specific needs and goals, and he consistently positively challenges and motivated you to stretch your abilities in every session.”
Stuart Halford, Chief Information Officer, Goodbody

“Anthony really pushes his clients to achieve their goals. He always mixes up the sessions so you never get bored and with a healthy amount of banter!”
Alan Bigley, Partner, PwC

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