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Creating a community in Ballsbridge with the EXOFIT fitness studio

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We love HIFT (High Intense Functional Training) and here's why!

Jim Janog - Personal Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer


1. It's Functional

Often people don't really understand the term functional training. Exercising with a purpose to improve your everyday movements (functional). If I consider a shoulder press exercise during a personal training session in our private fitness studio here in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 - this might mimic the same functional movement you might see when we travel with work and have to put our carry on luggage in the over head compartment. When I ask a client to lunge or squat during a personal training session - this might reflect a time on our weekends when we use our legs to drop in a squat or lunge motion (functional) to pick up our children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews or pets. Exercises that help with the everyday is a key function (lol) to our exercise programming here at EXOFIT, 2 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

2. It's Enjoyable

The structure of a HIFT personal training session is similar to a HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) personal training session. You gather 4 or 5 exercises together, aim to work for 30 to 45 seconds each exercise, allow a very small 10 to 20 seconds change over between each exercise and a final 60 to 120 seconds of recovery at the end of completing a block. The only difference between both structures of HIFT compared to HIIT would be the focus on the functionally element. Offering exercises that would consist more of a resistance based outcome than cardio (shoulder press over burpee's, etc). This makes the variety of the personal training session interesting and refreshing, when you are working through different exercises every station (shoulder press to reverse lunges to floor press, etc).

3. It can get Results

Studies on HIFT (High Intense Functional Training) has shown great results on improving overall strength, increased lean muscle tissue and decreased fat mass. A 4 day a week HIFT personal training session over a 12 week period showed decreases of fat mass by 3kg+ on average and increases of lean muscle tissue by 1kg+ on average. To improve your overall lean muscle tissue and decrease fat mass, HIFT training shows huge potential in doing so in the literature giving our personal trainers reassurance when prescribing HIFT to your personal training sessions here at our EXOFIT private fitness studio in the heart of Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.


Jim Janog - Personal Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer



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