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Creating a community in Ballsbridge with the EXOFIT fitness studio

EXOFIT | Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer

Personal trainer advice that can really help you take your health and fitness status to the next phase

Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer


1. Focus On Yourself

A big message that I try to get across to our clients as a personal trainer here at the EXOFIT studio, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is not to compare yourself with those closest to you. Your partner, work colleague or close family and friends do not have the same body and exact training history as you do. So why compare your current fitness levels, body aesthetics or health to theirs? Although you see what they eat, how they train and how they look or perform as a result should not be your goal to replicate. That's assessing them and not you, our job as personal trainers in our EXOFIT personal trainer studio, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is to assess you and where your eating habits and lifestyle stands at. Assessing yourself is a hard job, making the smart 'next' move is an even harder job, that's why are team of personal trainers are here to make that job easier for you and offer you some guidance and reassurance on what we see fit for your next step that is in line with your goals and history to date.

2. Focus on those Minutes

As a personal trainer in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, I really understand the importance of your exercise minutes. We've given information on previous Bitesize blogs on why you should be prioritising 150 minutes per week as a goal before considering nutritional strategies and diet phases. In line with tip 1 "Focus on Yourself", it's really important that we take a look at OUR short term history of exercise minutes to consider what the next step is when planning goals for you as a personal trainer during your personal training package at the EXOFIT studio, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. There is no point in comparing the minutes a family member is completing per week compared to yours and suggesting to hit those minutes as your next move because of how they 'seem' to look when applied by your family member. Our goal as personal trainers is to assess your current exercise minutes and advise you from there to help you smash your goals during your time at the EXOFIT studio, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. 

3. Relationship first, Energy Balance second

A personal trainer should always have THE goal for you as the client to focus on your food relationship first above all else before commencing any form of a diet. And of course, only after you're showing your personal trainer that exercise minutes are in the bag every week and is now considered a part of your week. Relationship first, how we view our food is vital. Attaching subconscious messages to certain food groups can go without notice and impact your goals potentially further down the line and leave you feeling confused and frustrated on why 'it's not happening?'! Our goal here as personal trainers in the EXOFIT studio, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is to guide you and advise you on what we would consider a healthy relationship with your food, so that 'yoyo dieting' and 'start Monday' does not come apart of your weekly vocabulary. Once we stop labelling certain foods, stop avoiding certain foods and accept that as a start, then the process of a diet phase with a long term result approach in mind will begin and the right guidance and support by your EXOFIT personal trainer, Ballbridge, Dublin 4 will follow to hopefully see you achieve the goals you've struggled with in the past.


Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer



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