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Creating a community in Ballsbridge with the EXOFIT fitness studio

EXOFIT | Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer

An EXOFIT approach and program to your Personal Training session

Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer


1. Once a week Personal Training

If time is at the essence and all you can fit in is one weekly personal training session here at our EXOFIT private fitness studio in Ballsbridge then we would highly recommend you to consider a full body plan. Exercises that consist of upper body push (chest, shoulders, triceps), upper body pull (back, shoulders, biceps), lower body pull (hamstrings, glutes) and lower body push (quads, glutes) would be ideal to implement to target a full body plan and hit most muscle groups on the body. It is always an EXOFIT approach to make sure our clients enjoy the experience and make it feel like it is tailored for them, adding some stretches at the end of the session to improve flexibility, conditioning to improve cardiovascular fitness or core to improve core strength will go a long way!

2. Twice a week Personal Training

A lot of our EXOFIT clients would commit to two personal training sessions per week. With this approach we can now add more of a "muscle split approach" to your routine. We enjoy training our clients on the program of (quads and back) day one and (hamstrings, glutes and chest, shoulders) on day two. This way during your workout we can still get all the great benefits of a full body workout also known as PHA (peripheral heart action). Not only are we now pumping the blood all over the body for a great health outcome and response but also with a two day EXOFIT split, we can still zone in on certain muscle groups to improve their overall strength and appearance.

3. Three times a week Personal Training

You're beginning to sound like a pro and in some opinions... MAD (lol). But the actual fact of the matter is that if you are one of the EXOFIT clients or a client of a personal trainer who is committing to three personal training sessions a week you should know or should be told that you're absolutely on the right track to smash government guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (exercise) per week (well done you!). The EXOFIT approach would generally not change a whole lot from two sessions a week to three sessions a week. Sessions one and two would still consist of the same approach but personal training session three would be more suited to the clients goals or preferences. Maybe a 45 minute boxing session, maybe a conditioning session to improve fitness levels, maybe a recovery session to improve muscle soreness and flexibility or maybe a HIIT session to try and burn additional calories! The choice is yours, our advice and knowledge will be there to make sure we keep you on track with our goals... while having fun!


Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer



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