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5 Reasons to Start Personal Training

Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer


1. Education

Education can fall into a number of areas when talking fitness and health. The main area of education and up-skilling needed is realistic goal setting. You need to understand as an individual when you're reaching to high or not aiming high enough when it comes to your health and fitness goals. This boils down to experience. Your personal trainer will offer guidance and industry experience to reassure your health and fitness goals with a realistic approach.

2. Accountability

One of the most under-valued perk to hiring a personal trainer is the accountability factor. We all have access to youtube in today's age and it's super easy to search the terms "fat loss workout", "compound workout" and "HIIT training". But why don't we complete the videos? When a personal trainer is involved there is a calendar invite given (no skipping your session) and workout programmed before you start. When motivation is low - your personal trainer will push you through a workout, day, or week reminding you of your goals and reasons why you're doing this.

3. Routine

Your personal trainer will always try and help you develop a fitness and physical activity routine. A solid routine will put you one step closer to achieving your goals and creating (should be) easy habits along the way. Routines will be complimented by reasons 1 and 2 when starting personal training. The right routine will be tailored to you - so experienced decision making from your personal trainer will assure you're on the right path. That same personal trainer should also hold you accountable to your routine because they understand the benefits it will bring you long term.

4. Confidence

When you start seeing results in the studio during your workouts or at home with your energy levels you will start to build much needed confidence. The myth of not starting with a personal trainer until you learn the foundations of training or build a certain level of strength or cardiovascular fitness is crazy! If it was your first day in a hair salon and you have no idea what you're doing (confidence being low) would you pick up a scissors and blow dryer? Personal trainers are absolute key for beginners if anything, to correct training form, eating habits, physical activity routines and exercise programming - all of which that will build up confidence in your body and when training by yourself in the crazy busy local commercial gym.

5. Refreshing

A personal trainer will be able to give 3 or 4 variations to any given exercise on the spot. Programs and tracking progress is great and needed at certain times but general personal training doesn't need to involve a pen and paper for every rep, set and workout you do. Changing up the workout but still targeting the same muscle groups is a fantastic tool that personal trainers carry to keep your HARD, SWEATY and TOUGH workouts..... refreshing and fun. Everyday is something new!


Anthony Murphy - Head Trainer at EXOFIT

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 | Personal Training | Personal Trainer



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